View Full Version : LWRP-RLA AE:ObjectID + Reflections = 2ndPass??

07-15-2012, 07:43 PM
I am taking advantage of the Extended RLA/RLA exporter as they have the best features for working with After Effects ObjectID effect.
This was broken in 9.6. but repaired with 10,11.

However when raytrace reflections are on, whatever said object appears in a reflective surface of another, its considered part of that object so when you go to isolate that object, it also appears in whatever object's surface even if its diffuse or blurred causing all time of "noise" in that isolation and appearing in awkward places.

I can fix this by rendering a non-reflective pass and reflective pass but the beauty of all the render options are exporting all the passes you need in one render as anyone ever solve this "problem".