View Full Version : Saving Livetext pages to Tricaster from Network computer

07-11-2012, 01:50 AM

Is there some way to save a LiveText project or page done on LiveText on a remote computer to the Tricaster computer over a network. That way a loop or carousel of pages can be created on the Tricaster and updated on a remote computer.
I have tried to save the project or page to the Tricaster computer but there is only options to save onto the remote computer and not to save to the Network.

I have mapped the C Drive on the Tricaster since and can access the C Drive on the Tricaster but I can't save a PNG or cg file to it. I have tried to do a simple cut a paste from a directory on the remote computer to the Tricaster and it has a message saying "You need permission to perform this action". I have sharing on to everyone on the C Drive of the Tricaster.


07-11-2012, 01:42 PM
Besides setting for the 'sharing' permissions, you also probably need to get the correct security permssions for the folder as well. You might either need to add this user or make sure you have the permission to write files into this location.

Check the 'security' tab of the folder in question to check these settings.

07-12-2012, 01:42 AM
Thanks Kane,

I have checked the security tab on the folder and have set the owner to the laptop running Livetext which enables me to save files to the folder on the Tricaster from other programs such as photoshop but I still can't save via LiveText. If I try to save the page as a .png it says OK but doesn't save anything. If I try to save a cg file it says can't save plugin.

I have packed the tricaster up for a job so I can't try anything more for a couple of days.

My next try is to fix it in the security tab permissions section.