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07-10-2012, 02:53 PM
Craziest thing. I've built lots of transitions for my Tricaster Broadcast over the last couple of years and have had great luck in their working as designed. I learned a while back that in order to have an icon for each transition I had to make a jpg of what I wanted to see as the icon and name it exactly what the DVE was named, set its size at 80 X 60 at 72dpi and drop it ino the NwtTek info folder within the transitions folder. I've had occasions when the icon wouldn't appear when the Tricaster was launched but it was always a problem with either the size of the icon or i named it incorrectly. Getting ready for the high school football season and a new sponsor I made a couple of new transitions for my new client to use as the slo-mo replay transitions. They work great.

But I had a couple of new transition ideas this morning and after building the new transitions and loading them into my TCB I noticed that when adding the transitions to the switcher the icons were not visible. The transitions were there and worked perfectly but the icon was a black screen. I shut down the TCB thru Administration and opened the transitions folder where I saw the new transitions. I opened the info folder and saw the jpgs for the transitions. The ones from last week were at 80 X 60 and the ones I'd just installed were at 160 X 120. So I trashed them and copied the two icons from my USB flash drive and once again saw them in the info folder at 80 X 60. I double checked the naming to make sure i didn't miss-name them and once i was sure they were correct, I closed the open folders and launched my Tricaster.

The problem repeated itself over and over. I'd go back into the info folder and found that the two jpgs from this morning would change to 160 X 120 while the two from last week remain at 80 X 60. i even tried copying the new icons into the info folder and shutting the whole computer down for over an hour while i was at lunch. But when I launched the Tricaster the icons had changed back to 160 X 80 and won't appear as icons for the transitions.


07-10-2012, 03:31 PM
Still being curious, I went back into the info folder where the icons keep changing and copied them while they were at 160 X 120 and opened them in my Vista computer in photoshop. The jpg that is on my flash drive that was originally saved in my Vista computer at 80 X 60 in jpg opens in photoshop as exactly that. However, the one that was in the info folder and showed as 160 X 120 opens in photoshop as 160 X 120 but opened as a black screen. Now I'm really confused!

07-11-2012, 02:31 PM
Well, after a day still no help?

Well, here's what I did.

Since the jpg icons were changing to 160 X 120 I decided to build a set of icons at that resolution. I loaded them onto my flash drive and took them into my production trailer and plugged the flash drive into my TCB. I opened the flash folder. I opened the info foder in my custom transitions folder on the C: drive and trashed the two icons that were changed by the Tricaster to 160 X 120 and appeared as blank screens and then emptied the trash. Next, I copied the two new icons that I'd already changed to 160 X 120 into the info folder and closed out of the C: drive. I launched my Tricaster Broadcast and loaded the two transitions that were linked to the new icons and...walla!

It's crazy, because I had a similar problem before but I was using a much larger icon size. I've used the 80 X 60 size for all the transitions for last year and as a fix for the ones that were changing on their own last year. This, however, is the first time I've copied one of the changed icons and brought it to a different computer running photoshp and examined it. When I saw that the icon's picture had changed to black I realized I'd made the wrong assumption, in that since the icon was still a jpg once it had changed size, that it was unchanged except for the size.

I believe I came up with the 80 X 60 size from looking at some of the other Tricaster icons.

At any rate, this seems to have been the fix this time. I hope this helps someone else.