View Full Version : Baking animated instances - adaption of Bake_Instance.py

07-06-2012, 05:04 AM

Could I ask, please, if someone skilled with Python, might take the existing Bake Instances python script and extend it to baking out an object sequence from animated instances? (Plus an MDD export? FBX export? perhaps)

The existing script supplied with LW 11 creates clones from each instance (from a single frame only). So a new script to bake an animation would need to consolidate multiple instances (clones) into a single layer in the process - or provide the option of doing so.

(I'm hoping to become sufficiently capable with Python / LWSDK myself to accomplish such - but I'm a long way from it yet!)

I have an animation that I set up with 1100 instances that I need to bake. And am having trouble transferring the animation across to a mesh with parts replacing instances. So I really wish for such an instance animation baking solution.