View Full Version : PLease help me to create a rain of balles

07-06-2012, 03:25 AM
first: excuse my bad english, isn't my natural language.
I use LW 9.6 on PC

I try to create a rain of ping-pong balles, but I try with two way without success.

1) I create one balle (ok easy ! lol), + I create a particule with bounce, gravity, etc (no problem) but I can't see the option to connect the balle with the emitter particule. is't possible ? and how ?

Other way.

2) I create a cloud of balles, and i know apply it, the dynamic option (bounce, etc), each time the cloud fall at start but me I want to the cloud fall at frame 150 not before.
is't possible ? and how ?

Thank's for everybody to help me... chris

07-06-2012, 03:53 AM
You want to use FXLink on your object. It's under the Motion Options>Add Modifier>FX_Link.
This tutorial is in Spanish but you should be able to follow along.

For your particle emitter there should be a "Fixed" toggle button. Check that and set your Start Frame to be 150.

You could also do things the HardFX route.

If you have LW10+ you could use Bullet too.