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06-30-2012, 08:16 AM
hello, I really am looking for some new software Ideas that can help in my hoby to stack with lightwave.

I have considered many ideas. I am looking at sculpting and painting my models as a new start 4 me.

I was going to give modo a try but i guess I was going to do that in january but never got around to it so I lost my trial period. They sure no how to make a sale when a person has money to burn.

I was going to try speedtree but that also don't work for a trial due to I was only givin a 32 bit download option. When i try to go and get help and register to ask questions they say my email address wat BANNED for some reason i don't no, never used the software. So I try to email support for that problem I have to have some srt of email server junk and can't even contact them. They sure no how to make a sale.

I was going to try vue last night and the link to there trial page did not even work. Kinda hard to spend this cash................

So here I sit on a day off looking at ideas for my hobby.
I think my problems I have run into right now is geometry, there is just to much and my current 6 core AMD and ATI 5700 with 1/2 gig lags on me. Or is it lightwave and if I get a chance to try other softwares should I just start from new.

If I get a new mombo or Pc setup What should I get??????????? Proces, video,, meme,,, Or can someone link me to some great multi core setups. Wow I ran into a site last night for 64 cores AMD units server= costs 6 to 8 grand but will this work ??

How about that turbulace fluid fire software plugin. Does the render time cut down at all? Seemed to be some hype on that a few months back.

Any ideas?

I was looking at vue and speedtree to have some cool instant stuff- can anyone show me some work in this whith lightwave?

Ok off my box today. Sorry

06-30-2012, 10:57 AM
What sort of models are you trying to make? Game type models, cartoony pixar type stuff, Hulk from the movies level of detail ?

What' s your budget ? For sculpting apps, the main 3 are ( In order of price ) 3DCoat, Zbrush and Mudbox. 3Dcoat has regular free point updates and Zbrush has free updates as well, but Mudbox charges for theirs and they are the most expensive. I' m a hobbyist as well, so I went for Zbrush when version 3 was coming out because of the free updates and hav' nt paid since.

Try them out and see which one you like. If you don' t need too much detail blender might be good enough ( that' s why I asked what you were trying to make ).

If you just want to try out Vue, there' s this free version called Pioneer to try. http://www.e-onsoftware.com/products/vue/vue_pioneer/

The other competitor to Vue is called Terragen 2. http://www.planetside.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=32&Itemid=150

The basic version of Terragen is $299 ( $439 with animation module, $699 with XfrogPlants ), while Vue 10.5 Xstream costs $1495.

Are you trying to do animation with characters and you are getting lag or just millions of polygons in your scenes ? For characters 10,000 polygons should be enough to animate with then you would displace that with your high resolution model at render time. With your setup you should handle 2 characters without much slowdown. Lightwave 11 is supposed to be faster at deforming characters, but I' m still on 9.6 and use Messiah for character animation which I bought when they had the dare to share deal on.

Advising you on other software because you are getting lag in Lightwave is difficult because you hav' nt said what you are trying to do. Some people on the boards with 8Gb of ram get 2-3 million polygons in layout. Obviously that will slow the viewports down when you move through the scene with the camera, but thats what bounding boxes are for. You should use low polygon objects when setting up scenes, just like you use low polygon characters to do animations.

Your computer specs look good ( most hobbyists have a much more basic computer than you due to lack of funds ), but have at least 8GB of ram if you don' t already, so you can have more polygons in layout.

You don' t have to buy a supercomputer. If you need more rendering power just rent a renderfarm. For simulations your 6 core should be good enough. Get a Cuda enabled Nvidia card to speed up GPU calculations in simulation software if you think they are going too slow for you. A lot of programs use the graphics card to speed things up these days.

That' s all I can help you with so far.

07-01-2012, 07:27 AM
hard to say what you are focusing on?

if you want to work with fluid sims in lightwave and turbulence, and be serious about it, get as much ram you can ..over 12 at least,preferablymore, but you probably need to check the graphics card memory to.

Nvidia cards with GPU cuda is what turbulence is supporting for simulations only, and if you can affort two nivida cards combined, I think that will help a lot to take advantage of cuda power and simulate very fast.
The harddrive needs to be fast too where you store the cache, preferably a solid state drive.

The render of turbulence will only use the CPU thou for the moment, VPR and native Lightwave renderer doesnīt use any GPU, perhaps that will change in the future, but probably not for Internal lightwave, Jascha might
create a specific previewer for turbulence since VPR isnīt the best for it, but that is uncertain and also if it will take advantage of GPU.

Regarding modeling, well Zbrush will be a good combo for organic stuff and characters, for product illustration, modo will be top of the line, having all of these and lightwave + lightwave cad, that will keep you busy, and your wallot thin, and you will be having some real power for all kind of stuff related to modeling, can only think of Rhino and Tsplines plugin to handle cad data, but that will be expensive.

I would probably invest in order, Lightwave 11, Zbrush,Lw-cad,Modo,rhino.

If youré in to environments, well working standalone with vue would be great, do not know how good the xstream version is now thou for compability with lightwave.

Speed tree rocks, but the coolest version is very expensive I think, unless using some of the free versions, Havenīt gotten around to do that thou, but
creating trees as in speed tree is how it should be done, awesome and dynamic..if this were in vue it would be awesome.

working with lightwave for environments, It will take a lot of time and skills to acheive realistic results, and you will be somewhat limited when it comes to backdrops or volumetric,atmospherics compared to vue alone.

I hope someday newtek would pick a fight agains vue regarding landscaping and atmospherics, it will take a lot of resources and time to do that, but there are so much market to steal within the set environment and matte painting VFX, maya,houdini,cinema4d isnīt there yet, but they seem to have better landscaping tools still compared to Lightwave, even thou none of them matches the approach vue and terragen has.

environment plugins like ozone and ogotaiki, isnīt perfect and should be improved a lot before you could skip vue really.


07-01-2012, 09:09 AM
thanks for the input. So far I did check out the vue fronteer software. Was able to install. The instant scenes are very nice and do look great. But the symbol in the render does not do much good. Plus I am not sure if you can import a .vob file into lightwave or I have not found anything online on information for the two to work together. I see they do make plugs to work with c4d and maya. This may be nice with nuke for a mat. I have been looking over nuke but the price range is up there. Also from the foundry I was going to check out MARI but I only have a ati card 5700 and MARI only suports NVIDIA.
I think I may look into a new PC and Nuke or after effects. I am not sure on either yet? I wouls like to give MARI a try just for the fun of it.

07-01-2012, 09:27 AM
go for a new computer, I recommend do not use amd, get some of the latest Nvidia geforce series or better...lotīs of ram and fast ones.
solid state drives perhaps or fast ones.

Vue is nice, but for all Itīs glory it will anyway not fit in to studios pipelines it seems, probably due to rendertime, but that is connected mostly to the techniques for environments, it is rather complex algoritms for the spectral atmospheres and especially the latest cloud layers, I found them extremly slow and thus not tweaking friendly, the standard spectral layers are decent in render time.

Further that, procedural terrains has a huge impact on rendertimes, nothing beats those for realism and infinite details but comes at rendertime cost.

creating still images with all the most advanced modes are possible, but spitting out animations, well donīt think your desktop computer will do.

I think radical 3D tested vue, but gave up on it due to render times, on the other hand that shows in terms of realism unfortunatly, noteable is also that they had very little time I guess for tv-series and short deadlines.

You could try out terragen, I tested a demo some time ago, but I do not like the interface and how extremly slow the previewer was, but it seems to have been used a lot for set extensions, used in terranova in conjuction with real flow for intro scene of the planet, renders from terragen could sometimes be 2-3 days for one single frame...huh.



07-01-2012, 09:29 AM
I think asile fx has vue xstream training with lightwave...
you have to search a little, someone also made som free tutes about that somewhere, do not remember where now thou.


07-01-2012, 09:29 AM
A free alternative to zbrush is Sculptris, it is not as full featured but it's easy to use and quite useful for sculpting and painting models.

07-01-2012, 10:28 AM
some sculptris mini tutorials... >