View Full Version : LiveText TCP/IP or Socket API

06-28-2012, 09:29 PM
Right now, I have 3 options for input:
1. RSS feeds [needs to refresh, too high latency]
2. MySQL database [huge PITA, not sure what latency looks like]
3. Constantly refreshing file [latency's really too high, but I've been dealing with it.]

I can't imagine why anyone thought those 3 options were a better idea than a simple TCP/IP API. Bind port 9340 (got that by mashing my numpad) and interpret every line as "KEY=VALUE". Latency should be within a few ms on the local network, and it's super-easy to implement.

Local FIFO sockets would be nice too, but I'm not sure how those work on Windows. A *nix version of LT would be great, but we all know that's not happening...