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10-26-2003, 08:53 PM
(053) Layout

LW7.5c Mac OS X 10.3

If you attempt to add a motion keyframe inside the graph editor, Layout 'Unexpectedly Quits.' This occurs on more than 75% of attempts to do so. There are many more general usability and interface issues which have come up since upgrading to 10.3 earlier today. This is the one of primary concern as it has completely immobilized me. Crash logs and console samplings can be furnished if needed.

I've been attempting to use LW under OS X 10.3 for a few hours now and I'm VERY disappointed that after months of developer seeds provided by Apple, NewTek has not addressed, or even warned users about, 10.3 related problems.

Something on your site to the effect of: 'Mac Users considering upgrading to OS X 10.3 should be advised that...' would have been nice. Instead I will have to spend another 2 hours retrograding my otherwise functional system in order to continue using this App. At present, even my seat of discreet *combusion2 is working more functionally than LW and if anyone else here has used discreet/kinetix products, you know that's saying something!

Please advise,


10-26-2003, 09:07 PM
Yes this issue is being discussed in the Panther thread.
Hopefully it will be a quick fix from Apple as it is only a problem specific to 10.3 and doesn't affect older OS versions.

I bet that Apple made some last minute changes that broke something in the graph editor and will have a fix soon.


10-27-2003, 09:23 PM
It's Newtek that will be doing the fixing, probably in [8]. You cannot upgrade an OS and expect thousands of different programs designed for the previous OS to run perfectly. That's why developers are given new computers and OS's before they're realesed to the public.

LW 7.5c came out. OS 10.3 came out months later. They don't play well together. When a developer makes a program for a certain system, they don't ask the maker of the system to de-bug it, it doesn't make sense.

Unless one just wanted to put down Apple.