View Full Version : Internet Explorer - Update from IE7 to IE9?

06-21-2012, 10:44 AM
Hi :),

Have a TCXD350 (great machine), and recently I upgraded the software to make use of the LiveStream plugin. After some initial confusion (not realising that Preview and program could both display the same source if not careful), I read the new User Manual, and quite impressed.

But why leave something alone, when it is working? Decided to experiment with other CDN options - like Ustream. Came up with a problem.

Stream Settings - home page for Ustream appears in the browser area, loads slowly and then a banner appears 'Your browser is outdated. To enjoy the full UStream experience, please upgrade ....'. One of the facilities that is unavailable is the ability start a Live Session from within the browser, the sub windows opens but no connections are made - currently I have to open a browser on another PC to start the session. The version currently installed is IE7 so had a look at installing IE9 but it would require installing updates to Windows Vista 64 bit (and there are over 80 updates to be installed). The current installation is Vista 64bit SP1 (and last security updates were 12/8/2009).

MY QUESTION - 1: Is it OK to have Microsoft updates Windows - or is that a 'no no' that would affect the TCXD350's performance?
MY QUESTION - 2: Is there a more up to date version of the browser available for the TCXD350?