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Karl Hansson
10-26-2003, 10:04 AM
I saw Kill Bill the other day and I must say I loved it. I like Tarantinos cinematography, it is the coolest I have seen yet. Great soundtrak. Theres nothing like a woman how knows how to kick ***...


10-26-2003, 10:09 AM
Saw it the other day to. I loved it. It seemed "weird" some how..same for soundtrack :D BUT, I loved it. And I'll be getting dvd when its out. Cant wait for volume 2.

10-26-2003, 11:48 AM
The first 1/4 of the film I was thinking this is a "look what I can do" up his own arse effort then as the film went on I ended up loving it.

10-26-2003, 05:28 PM
I caught it on a Midnight show the day it came out - huge crowds here in Austin, too....

Loved it, but I'm a big QT fan. Just a very inventive film. Can't wait for part two, too.

- Lee Stranahan
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10-26-2003, 05:54 PM
Two workds...

pu$sy wagon.

10-26-2003, 07:42 PM
Originally posted by Karl Hansson
Kill Bill anyone...
The irony is... nobody could kill Bill. Well, maybe it's possible if they wore a string of garlic around their neck and carried a silver cross and bullet.

10-26-2003, 08:26 PM
Saw it. Loved it. Can't wait for part 2. QT is forgiven for Jackie Brown.

jin choung
10-26-2003, 08:36 PM
gotta say,

i end up being the minority opinion these days but that's cool.

(i loved reloaded, i really really dislike peter jackson's take on the LOTR series... blech... way too hyperkinetic and MTV for the subject matter [and yes, i've read and am fans of the books but i'm not being overharsh])

anyhoo, i thought kb was just meh.... for an elaboration on that opinion, check out the review at aintitcool.com and check the talk back section.... i have a lovingly detailed explanation of why i don't think it's very good.


10-26-2003, 09:57 PM
i have a lovingly detailed explanation of why i don't think it's very good.

I can see why some people wouldn't like it. I actually went into the movie theater with grave doubts. I've never been into kung fu movies so I was afraid all the inside stuff would leave me scratching my head. However, right from the start the movie had me smiling the whole time.

10-26-2003, 09:59 PM
I loved Jackie Brown. Worked as a QT movie and as an Elmore Leonard movie. QT is 4 for 4 as far I'm concerned.

jin choung
10-26-2003, 10:08 PM
i loved jackie brown too.

loved, true romance, loved reservoir dogs, loved pulp fiction, didn't see natbornkil but it seems too oliver stone new media anyway.

but kill bill was just really meh for me....


10-27-2003, 12:29 PM
Kill Bill probably my least favorite QT movie. The mixing of different genres of film just didn't seem to do it for me. I'll still see Vol. 2 though.

10-27-2003, 01:15 PM
Kill Bill is amazing! Some of Production IG's best work.

this is going to go down in my top 10 movies! A must see.

10-27-2003, 07:13 PM
I really enjoyed it too. His best work since Pulp Fiction. I didn't care much for Jackie Brown or Natural Born Killers, so I thought PF might have been a fluke... until I saw this :)

Its so campy and over the top and I love the in-your-face anime sequence! I'm going to see it again, and I can''t wait for part 2! :D

Tom Wood
10-27-2003, 07:24 PM
Great movie, not a frame out of place.


10-27-2003, 07:27 PM
BTW, NBK is by Oliver Stone, not QT.
True, but he helped write it. Same with True Romance and From Dusk till Dawn.

10-27-2003, 08:49 PM
I didn't care much for NBK myself but True Romance, now that's a movie...

Of course, any movie that Christopher Walken is gets at least two stars from me. I don't care if it's Return to Tele-Tubby land, if Christopher Walken is in it, I'm so there. And Val Kilmer as Elvis was great.

10-27-2003, 09:09 PM
QT wanted his name removed from NBK - he was especially repelled by the Rodney Dangerfield /sitcom part. He said it bothered him in part because it was explaining away why Mickey and Mallory became killers.

I thought NBK was a pretty amazing movie. but it was an Oliver Stone movie - not really much of a QT movie.

I don't even get what wasn't to like about Jackie Brown. Smart movie, great actors, great QT dialouge and just a very mature film. I love Bridget Fonda in it, Deniro is fun, and Sam Jackson is the ultimate QT actor.

10-27-2003, 09:49 PM
I don't even get what wasn't to like about Jackie Brown.
It's not that it was horrible... but, man, after coming out on the heels of Pulp Fiction... it just didn't deliver. It was like Pulp Fiction-lite.... same basic style but watered way down. Good dialogue, OK story but nowhere near PF levels.... It really felt like QT was just cashing in on the sucess of PF. To me, Kill Bill is QT returning to full form again.

10-27-2003, 11:26 PM
I know that most people appreciated Kill Bill and it has been pretty highly regarded by the majority of the film critics, while simultaneously rubbing the moral crusading conservatives raw, but I actually disliked it and walked out at about the 1 hour mark. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually started finding the subject content irritating and offensive after a while... dreading what was coming next (I could have done without the "vaseline" sequence... ugh). Perhaps I'm just not desensitized enough... I haven't watched television for more than 8 years now, pay almost no attention to popular media and have practically zero experience with modern Anime. That must be the problem.

Pulp Fiction was far superior for me. While it had it's moments of intense violence and uncomfortable sequences as well, it also had a really brilliant screenplay and a myriad of rich characters. It struck a great humorous balance to counterpoint it's horrors and it's pacing was more patient. Kill Bill is shallow and wafer thin in comparison. All style and very little substance. Perhaps this is what he was striving for, but it felt empty to me and I left the theatre with kind of a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

It did have some of those great Tarantino qualities that I *do* admire though. His attention to detail, skillful cinematography and the occasional humorous marriage of the unlikeliest of themes. The "big toe meditation" sequence, for instance, put a smile on my face. Ironically, one of the more disturbing parts for me was the Anime section. Is this really what a lot of modern Anime is like? If so, then it just isn't meant for me I don't think. I would reach for Hayao Miyazaki instead, every time.


10-27-2003, 11:49 PM
Sounds like you need to be desensitzed some more.;)

I found the violence to be campy and exaggerated as it was meant to be and most of the times humorous in it's blood spurting glory.
QT said that the story wasn't what he wanted to develop, rather the idea of a revenge ridden bride. It doesn't go much deeper then that so one should not look for it. It was supposed to be all style.
But I could tell when I watched it that it wouldn't be for everyone. I can't wait for part 2 though...

jin choung
10-28-2003, 12:10 AM

i had absolutely no problem with the content in terms of violence or sex. i never do really....

but it still just left me empty.... meh.

i thought the anime was really cool and effective and maybe the best part of the entire movie.

but too much of the violence and violations were played for laughs and defused any sense of peril.

the problem i had is completely opposite actually.... i thought KB was pulling its punches.

again, for a lovingly detailed argument for what i find to be kb's lackings, check out the talk back section for the kb review at aintitcool. i don't mean to imply that this is soooo well written or important that you should read it. but just that i don't feel like writing all that again here....

read or ignore completely at your pleasure.


10-28-2003, 08:10 AM
Originally posted by hrgiger
Sounds like you need to be desensitzed some more.;)

Apparently so... :(

Although, I disagree that KB was intended to just be campy fun. If you want to see an example of that, watch Evil Dead II. No, I think KB had a visceral, mean spirited and often sincere quality to it's bloody violence and I didn't really find it to be fun at all (this is my problem of course). None of the cliches he parodies from the 70's had that quality to them that I can remember. No, I think this is just QT trying to push the limits of the medium and I am amazed at how he was able to manage an R rating. The black and white sequence in the later half of the film is probably the only way that he was able to squeeze it by.

10-28-2003, 10:54 AM
Actually, most of the 'extreme' violence reminded me of sequences from Monty Python And The Holy Grail...

I didn't think it was thin; I thought it was the first half, and it's the all action first half. It's a revenge story, and we're still in the dark about a lot of the motives. But some of stuff - such as the daughter showing up, which tied into the anime sequence - were really ballsy.

jin choung
10-28-2003, 05:18 PM
aww nuts,

can't resist... must revisit this....

yes, it was mean spirited and cruel. and it was MEANT to be.

it is after all a REVENGE flick.

but qt wanted to take the sugar coat off. like the thing with vivica a fox... i don't care what you have, or what you've become. it doesn't mitigate what you've taken away from me or what you've done. you are liable and nothing that you say or do, not even your family, will keep me from killing you.



he pulls his punch. he uses the age old hollywood copout of justifying a villain kill - the villain pulls a gun at the last minute! a ploy that seemed hackneyed in lethal weapon 1!

i wanted vivica to be begging for her life and uma murder her in cold blood. that would have been edgy. but no... he pulled his punch.

my problem is precisely that it is NOT as cutting edge as it could have been.


11-09-2003, 10:03 AM
Maybe youre just thinking to much for the film?

I have always loved Kung Fu flicks, always. You learn very early that
rational plots are not part of the bargain, hell they're usualy never even
logical. If you want to enjoy kung fu, let your emotions watch the film; after
all, its the emotions that understand a Hero.