View Full Version : Feature Req.: Autofollow or camera autopilot

Living Smart TV
06-14-2012, 11:22 PM
How about this feature: Autofollow or Camera Autopilot.

Let's say you have a 3 camera live production, you would then have either one of the participants or a producer to handle the Tricaster to switch between cameras.

Often, this can be as easy as going "oh, now person A is talking, so I fade to his camera....... then person C takes over for the answering of A and camera C is faded in instead.

You could do this in autopilot mode :)

You set an audio threshold and time and when the sound input from one of the persons goes beyond a certain level (ie. "he's talking now") and continues for more than the time set (ie. "he's really talking now and we want to see him as well") we autotake his camera.

It would be almost like an autopilot on an airplane - when the show is in the air, and all the basic stuff like lower thirds etc has been presented, in our case, the autopilot could easily handle the camera switching.

How about that? :)