View Full Version : Greek Hoplite's Helmet

06-06-2012, 05:04 AM
This has been an on-going labor of love over in the WIP forum, but I think I've finally gotten the look of this helmet to the point where I can finally upload it here. It still has a few issues (helmet a little too thick, surfacing looks more like stone than metal), but after two years of working on this thing off and on to try to teach myself a procedure for making something like this, I'm finally happy with it.

Link to the WIP forum here:


And here is the last image I posted there:


Next personal challenge: model a head for it and put them together. :)

Finally, for those who may not know, I am thinking seriously about taking an early retirement from the job I have held as a news and special projects editor for the past 29 years, and applying for the DAVE School next year to start a new career in VFX. I'm pushing myself to learn as much as I can about modeling in these next 6 months so I can have a decent portfolio when I apply. My daughter is almost finished with the third block down there, and she'll be done in September.

I'll post a wire frame later.