View Full Version : LW11 to YouTube 3D with the Liberty3D Stereo Camera

05-30-2012, 11:43 PM
Hi guys,
There have been a couple of threads recently about getting LightWave animations out to 3D TVs and stuff, so I thought I'd put together a little video that shows how to put a 3D video on YouTube using just LightWave and the Liberty3D (http://www.liberty3d.com/tools/ubercam-camera-plugin/) Stereo Camera plugin.

This also covers taking a sequence of images and assembling them into movie using just Lightwave, using the channel follower motion modifier to control LW's convergence setting with a null object, and uploading the video to YouTube and setting it up for 3D playback.

I know this doesn't directly address the questions being asked in the other threads (How do I get this on a 3DTV? How do I combine LightWave L and R image sequences? What settings are expected for theater and TV 3D?), but hopefully it'll help in the discussion and demonstrate one of the key features of the Ubercam plugin. Be sure to use the coupon code (mem2012) to get the discount.


I should also mention that today (May 31st) is the last day of a 25% off sale at Liberty3d.com, so you it's a good day to pick up Ubercam if it's something you're interested in.