View Full Version : Vertex Normal Maps as input. Edge Set

05-29-2012, 06:39 AM
So LW doesn't have currently a way to have Sets of Edges alike points and polygons. What if the Vertex Normal Maps are used for this purpose?

Let's take for example Dpont's Edge node
Couldn't it use a Vertex Normal map instead of Angle Threashold?
Since solid baked meshes normally come with a vertex normal map, it would be this would put them 1 step away of having their hard edges rounded.
This would also be a fix the way it works with Subdivision meshes, because upon Freeze the VN map hard edges are kept.
Also, a mesh using Catmull-Clark with Edges weighted and a matching Vertex Normal Map would also round those hard weighted edges.

An example of how VN maps are generated in LW and how they are resilient.

So, bottom line: VN maps are "resilient" to Subdivision, Deformation or Break Apart, so they could be used:
- In Modeler for Edge Selection -> Vertex Normal Map hard edges and vice-versa.
- In Layout for custom Edge Set based operations, be it with a Vertex Normal map Node or a pull-down menu in a Modifier.


Edit: Apparently Layout Freezing kills Vertex Normal map unlike Freezing and Tripling the model in Modeler :/