View Full Version : Screamernet annoying issue

05-10-2012, 09:51 AM
I recently started building a renderfarm and have been doing some render testing with screamernet. While testing an annoying issue surfaced. Apparently screamernet drops a temporary file called "Program" onto the root drive at the time a render session is initiated and as long as that rendering process is not interrupted it removes that file from the root when the rendering process is complete. However, if the rendering process is interrupted i.e. "cancelled" or the program "Lightwave" is exited, the temp file called "Program" is left on the root drive.

Here's, the annoyance....When rebooting my system the temp file "Program" is causing configuration issues with my system. After some troubleshooting - deleting this file from the root drive then rebooting the system everything is back to normal.

Is there a setting within Lightwave that will remove this temp file from the root drive when either cancelling a render session or when quiting the program?