View Full Version : Mess-up morphs with FBX export

05-09-2012, 04:55 PM

I've been trying to export a scene, which contains endomorphs, using the FBX exporter. When these scenes are loaded into Max or UDK3, the morphs become "Spikey", jagged, and distorted. From a programing standpoint I'd guess the point order is incorrectly sequenced, though some points dart out to loacations well off the mesh as the morph slider moves off of 0%.

Has aneone else encountered this? Is this due to something I'm doing wrong? Is there a work-around short of exporting each endomorph as a transformed object then re-combining it in Max or UDK3?

I'm using LW 11.0.1.

Also, I've noticed that when importing an FBX into Max, the Max importer lists several items that were not part of the BindPose. These items include and object (which was replaced using the object replace option on the left-side tool bar) and several bones that were either edited or replaced. How do I attach these to the BindPose as far as the FBX exporter is concerned?