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05-02-2012, 11:14 AM
So recently my son Chris complained to me about doing a show using a XD300 with a LC-11. He told me he was used to the transition delegate feature for true preview. Now I'm always busy these days and may have not listened to him so of course, I had to do a show and I was given a LC-11 and a 450 Extreme. Now being more spoiled than Chris and working mostly with 850 EX with 850CS, I quickly understood what he meant by how the LC-11 had its buttons mapped not taking advantage of the transition delegate feature.
So I being me, re-programed the LC-11 to what I found to be a possible better way to use it with any XD TriCaster.
FTB became;
Background (+ALT is FTB) transition delegate
Fade All became;
DSK1 transition delegate
Take All became;
DSK2 transition delegate
Auto became;
Auto transition delegate
Take became;
Take transition delegate

I was very comfortable doing the show giving the director a true look ahead preview taking advantage of the new transition delegate feature as well as use a work flow that is homogeneous across all XD TriCaster models.
So I was wondering if NewTek would consider making this change from the present LC-11 mapping?

Take care,

05-03-2012, 10:40 AM
It has my vote! (Jose, send me instructions on remapping the keys!).