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10-23-2003, 04:37 PM

I have created a female and it toke me a year. now that I master the modeling skills. Its time for some life like animation. I have inside lightwave 7(the book) but that didn;t realy helped me out.

My problem is: when i rotate a bone with an weightmap applied to it. the joint gets thin. I don;t realy know how to explain (just a 17 years old dutch boy oyeah!). but i.e. when i move the lower arm towarts the body. the inside of the elbow go's trough the upperarm. and the moddel looks crackedt...(even with subdivion order set to last) the same for the knee's and hips.

I think i can blame my lack of knowleg about weigthmaps..
can some pleas point me a good toturial? or help me out right away?

I just want my model to deform naturaly.

10-23-2003, 10:19 PM
There's no simple answer - setting up the character for animation takes as much skill as building it.

You'll need some training, or a good book and lots of experimentation.

Try www.splinegod.com or do a search on google for 'lightwave character rigging tutorial'

10-24-2003, 05:16 AM
ok thanks....
i thoughed is might be just a simple value that had to be entered..but it looks like I'm going to be bussy for some time now...

10-24-2003, 07:08 AM
Simple value....that's funny.

What I might suggest first before you get into weight maps is to try holder bones. Holder bones are small bones that you place at certain parts of your model to keep the volume of that part when your bones bend. Larry Shultz, the guy at the end of that link that Toby gave you will most likely tell you to do the same.
For example, if you lower your models arm to be down at it's side, if you're not using weight maps, you'll notice the chest/armpit area will gave in a little being pushed away by the arm bone. What you want to do in that case is to place a small bone, parented to the torso in some way, right there just under the armpit. This will keep the volume of the chest when you deform the character.
You also may want to use an auto rigging solution like http://acs.polas.net/acs/ These are great rigs and he has a few that don't require you to paint weight maps (although you can add more bones if you want them).
Lightwave 7 character animation by Timothy Albee is a good book if you're just learning character animation.