View Full Version : lightwave 11 on windows server

04-28-2012, 05:34 PM

Did anyone tried? Layout starts OK but loading anything bit more complicated then a box results in crash.

Potential issue in VirtualStudio plugin?

Can anyone check? Any info would be great. :(

PS lwsn does not work as well.

04-30-2012, 02:48 AM
It works ok on windows home server 2011, I'm using my microserver as a render controller with BNR, no problems for me.

04-30-2012, 02:46 PM
thx, I wonder what I am missing here. :)

05-01-2012, 04:03 AM
ah, I thought of something...inside the LW11 install directory is a file called "vc2008_sp1_redist_AMD64.exe", try installing that on the server. I had problems with an XP machine and Paul at BNR suggested installing the Visual C++ .exe because it wasn't part of the original XP installation. Perhaps it's the same deal with the server OS?...certainly worth a try.

05-04-2012, 08:22 PM

Thx for the suggestion, but not, that would be too easy.haha

I have tried installing DirectX too, but it did not helped.

I am planning to move to Windows Server completely in next couple of months, does that mean i would have to render LightWave on virtual computers only, not good....

Have you try to work on some more complicated scenes? In most cases it crashes here during loading the object. I will try some simple boxes later and move to more complicated stuff it it will not crash.

05-04-2012, 08:40 PM
OK, all objects with textures are crashing my LightWave, both 11.0 and 11.0.1. Would you be so kind and check it for me?