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04-27-2012, 12:32 AM
Firefox 12 is here. "So what?", I hear you ask? Well, the 3d webgl performance is excellent - on par or even better than Chrome.

They both leave IE 10 in the dust, as well as Safari and Opera. It also means the graphics performance of Firefox is almost equal to that of desktop apps - which is quite amazing, seeing that only a couple of years ago browsers struggled to even display a simple 2d game at a playable frame rates.

It also means new opportunities for 3d content creators, if not now, potentially in the near future. No more VRML nonsense, but full high-quality, high performance 3d is now supported natively in these browsers, which can only be a good thing! :-)

For an interesting article on 2d/webgl hardware accelerated performance in browsers, and how the different browsers compare, check out:


For a performance test, visit:
(try dragging the mouse)
60fps in FF12! Only half that performance in the previous version on my system.

For full 3d and normal mapping in webgl, try this experiment:
High quality: no problem for FF12.

And the rendering of web pages feels much smoother and faster to boot.

04-27-2012, 01:32 AM
This has been one if the reasons we held back on implementing webgl into lightwiki profiles that and the functionality ,realtime shaders ect