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04-21-2012, 09:57 PM
OK, I got the addendum, but went through it all the way and not one single mention or screen shot or really anything on what you see in one of the sample scenes and to me, that's like, huh, why are they showing off what look to be really cool new character animation tools, yet make ZERO mention of ANY of it in ANY of the regular manual nor the addendum, and that is, what's with the ROID Monster scene?

All you see are loads of awesome looking thingies all over that make up the character yet not one single word about ANY of what you see.
Much less being able to even find anything other then I found in the Master plugins panel you can see what I assume must be all these new looking things, but there isn't anything telling you what they are, how to use them or anything else?

And this character only has like about 4 actual bones in it, or I couldn't find any others at least and that means I checked in the scene panel for hidden bones and couldn't find any more in there either.

To help put it together so you all get what I am referring to, I took a screen shot of the scene but without the actual monster being shown, since I wanted to concentrate on the items in question and not to have any other distractions.


As you can see, ALL strange new NEW things and not one word about them any of them anywhere that I've been able to find yet.
Am I merely missing some even more up to date addendum or something?
As it was, I had to get the addendums sent to me from a friend since I never got the links to where to find them at anyway when I recently bought 11, so I may be missing things, though I think I am pretty sure I am up to date all around. Using the latest build too, in case anyone ask, 11.01.

And I like how some of these new items work, since the knees bend, yet no bones are there, so I am just guessing that they must be doing something like setting a distance of influence from the from thingy (in green) to the hip thingy in their respective red and green colors and the over all pelvis too.

If I could figure out how to use these new features, then wow!, I might be able to get around some totally pains in the rear with my current dog (quadruped) character I've been working at for months now with not very good results thus far.

Bipeds are a breeze, BTW, but quadrupeds, a whole other story.
Legs always try to influence other legs no matter how many ways I attempt to make good usage of weight maps and so on.

OK, thanx, if anyone has anything worth saying, I mean? hehehe

..........md :hey:

04-21-2012, 10:03 PM
And yes, this is a double posting, so if someone wants to get rid of the other thread, it's under the Documentation forum, where I now can see people rarely hang out LOL
So, I need answers to this and I need them sooner then later as I am in the middle of a character animation project and I am still working at which rigging method I will
make my final decision on, since there will be lots more I will also need to rig and I'd prefer to know the best method for MY needs before I put too much work into it.

anyway thanx...............md ;)

04-23-2012, 01:19 PM
OK, is ANYONE bothering to even read my thread here?
What do I need to do here to get any response from anyone?

Am I still posting this question in the wrong place?
Is there, are there, some other forums I need to ask this question in?
SpinQuad maybe?
I mean, this IS sposed to be thee official NewTek site, right?
Or am I wrong and no one really hangs out here or no one serious, or what?


04-23-2012, 01:35 PM
You posted this one on a Friday evening, Mark, and after NAB and an update release last week, apologies, but it does seem that the folks here actually took the weekend off.

I noticed your post down in the documentation section earlier today and I directed it to the attention of both the docs writer and the content developer. We'll answer there, and I will close this thread.