View Full Version : Ozone 6 And Lightwave 11 build 2238 issues

04-19-2012, 12:53 AM
working on 64 bit Lightwave 11 and trying out ozone 6 gave me some issues.

I noticed in ozone 6 and LW11 that when I try to rotate or move the camera while having VPR on, it became extremly sluggish and VPR or LW kind o Freezed the whole interface, and I had to switch windows with alt tab back again to lightwave window in order to release that freezing.
could have been display settings too or something causing it.

with ozone 5 and Lightwave 10 that worked nicely and I could move and rotate the camera with VPR and ozone preview nicely.

Unfortunatly I got the HUB screwed up shortly after the ozone 6 install, in such way that everytime I started layout or modeler, the hub crashed and couldnīt be started, clear all configs but that didnīt help, I had to reinstall lightwave again.
Not sure if it was ozone to blame or not thou.

so Im a little reluctant to test ozone6 install again, and I am wondering if some of you guys have noticed that you can not move camera or rotate it with vpr and ozone without it going very sluggish?