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04-14-2012, 05:09 PM

Hello! Please help if you can..

I'm modelling in Lightwave 10. and trying to export in collada as it is the only file type available to import 3D objects into my application which is an augmented reality app using Flash builder, coded in Action Script 3.0 and using FlarToolKit and PaperVision3D.. (you can probably disregard the code details as I don't beleive my issue is a code related one...)
My problem is that after baking/uv textures they just refuse to show up in my application. All I see is a wireframe. The only information I have been able to find is people having similar issues with textures when exporting collada from Lightwave and importing back into things like Torque3D. Their solution was to use 9.6v, I've tried this and the only noticable difference to the collada file is that I can actually see an image preview when the file is highlighted.. but it still won't load in my app with textures. Currently trying to get a 9.5v to see if this makes any difference, as its also been suggested it could have something to do with the collada file version 1.4.1 - which was first to fully support collada according to their site. It can't realistically be anything to do with the model itself, because I just wanted to test the tech of the app first so everything Im using is just basic cube primitives. I'm also working on a mac if that makes any difference at all.

I know it's a bit of an abstract problem, but I thought I would post just incase someone has any experience or suggestions. Plus appologies if this has already been discussed anywhere, I did search the forum but I couldnt see anything relevant.

Thanks G -

:bowdown: - all hail to the newtek forum, your all so good Ive normally been able to find an answer without needing to post.. thats why this is my first :)