View Full Version : "MathFilter" -- wth? (No dox: not NewTek??)

04-08-2012, 11:34 PM
I was watching the render status panel of a (too) slow rendering scene and noticed it was applying something called "MathFilter".

I stopped it and sho' nuff, somehow "MathFilter" had gotten applied, I know not how. Also, I have less than zero knowledge of what this filter does.

SEARCHing the LW10 PDF turned up zilch, same with the LW11 Addendum PDF.

Anyone ever heard of this thing???

04-08-2012, 11:40 PM
Hmmmm, the googles are cryptic: you get a page that resembles an olde school Official NewTek Chunk O'Document©, and the entire explanation is:

"This pixel Filter allows you to use a mathematical formula to adjust the color in your render."

Classic NewTek!

I suspect this is a legacy plugin that is no longer supported.

( http://www.kxcad.net/LightWave/LightWave_3D_9/Layout/Window_Drop_Down_Menu/layout_s_window_drop_down_menu.htm )

This is a little more interesting (in non-proportional type, no less!):

- 'MathFilter' (LWMath.P)
Try putting a little wave in the hue channel, like a rainbow: (1+sin(_pi*x/320))/2
Try swapping the color channels: Red = g, Green = b, Blue = r, or make the saturation of the bkg image look cool by giving it a little nudge like + or - 0.2 (20%), or set it to some number and replace. If you want to use only the alpha parts, multiply everything by "a". For just the bkg, multiply by "(1-a)". There is also a noise (x,y,z) function you can experiment with.

For one thing, this is the equivalent to AE's "Channel Shifter" plugin.