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04-08-2012, 03:17 AM
Hi everyone.

I'm learning how to create smooth bevels and wanted to ask for some tips.

Here's my starting point:

The 1st Bevel attempt produces this:

I created this object from a spline in the Back (XY) window. I created half of the object, mirrored it to the other side, traced each point in sequential order, and then pressed P to create a polygon (I am aware that I could have used two disks and the drill tool, but I wanted practice with the spline tool--but that was also because drilling left me a half-polygon and I didn't and don't remember how to make two polygons into one--I'll get to that later).

I used the Bevel (b) tool a few times, right-clicking to reset and then to begin again. My goal was to create a smooth/soft/circular edge and it seemed to be working until the bevel moved in too far and then the points went weird on me.

Advice is appreciated.


04-08-2012, 06:43 AM

Here is my way of doing this kind of things:

First, I'm using a very useful free plugin, JettoBevel (http://www.lwplugindb.com/Plugin.aspx?id=ff71b904) with which you can automate the bevel rounding process and even store custom bevel shapes.


Then, you need to manually (or with the segment scale tool) move the points to avoid the overlapping.
It's the way the Bevel tool works...


But if you invert the process, I mean bevel the poly outward instead of inward, no problem :


You just have to consider the size of your round bevel before you make the original shape.


Hope it helps.


04-08-2012, 08:22 PM
D-lab is correct. Once the bevels start to overlap they need to be cleaned up by hand. Here is a thread about how to deal with extremely overlapping bevels.


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04-08-2012, 11:01 PM
That is very helpful, thank you. I knew from the tutorials that some degree of manual point tweaking would be necessary, but wanted to ask for faster ways to go about making the corrections. I am going to install that plugin and visit the links after I submit this post. Thank you.

I've tried to create the same object in two different ways in addition to the above, and each has given me new problems:

1. Extruded Polygon & Drill
Re: http://stephenbuck.org/temp/newtek/lw10/drill-and-poly-01.jpg

With the above image, I used three circles and the drill to create a similar object, and created two problems in that setup:

1a. At some point I pressed Tab which activated Catmull-Clark on some, but not all, polygons (that's obvious in the Perspective view). I know that when nothing is selected, everything is selected, so the obvious thing to do is press Tab to change it back... but it seems I got to click & tab happy so have a mixed set of polygons in one group. Is there a way to reset all of the polys to either Catmull-Clark or Subpatch other than clicking on the strays and resetting them individually?

1b. The arc created by the drill

The problem with the arc created by the drill is that it does not contain polygons. When I have selected the points to create a polygon, it creates a straight line from the beginning point to the end point (on each side), making one straight line. Each rectangle needs to be its own polygon, so short of selecting four points in sequence and pressing "p" to create each polygon, is there a more efficient way for me to create polygons in that area?

2. Two circles and the Drill (I resolved this while I was typing the first paragraph, but will include it for the sake of general interest.)
Re: http://stephenbuck.org/temp/newtek/lw10/merge-poly-01.jpg

I know that when creating a symmetrical object that it's more efficient to create half of it that can later be mirrored, so I tried to do so using two disk polygons, the drill, merge points and the merge poly function.

What's probably obvious to you guys is that I merged the topmost and bottommost points instead of welding them... and when I welded the points, the two polygons merged as I expected them to.


I find that I am able to create the objects in the various tutorials with minimal difficulty, but resolving problems that come up in my objects is another matter.

Thanks again for your insight on these problems.

04-09-2012, 03:34 AM

1a : There 2 types of SubDs in LW, Subpatch and Catmull-Clark, Subpatch works only with quads polygons whereas Catmull-Clark works with n-gons.
You can select polygons by type with the Statistics panel (shortcut w).

1b : I don't really understand what you're talking about but the drill function is a sort of a shape cut tool not a boolean...

2 : There no difference, in this case, between merging and welding points, just less steps with merging.


With the time and the experience, you'll find that most of geometrics problems are easily corrected, just very time consuming...