View Full Version : Forum Search Request - Default to Any Date!

04-05-2012, 09:41 PM
Please could we have the search function on this forum default to "Any Date" rather than "Your Last Visit".

The current default value

is non-standard,
is not what most people want for their search queries,
will potentially do users a great disservice by not presenting results that do exist but are not queried because the user is unaware/unobservant of the bad default value!
needs to be changed almost every frigging time someone makes a search because it is a bad default value!

Please change it! It's been this way since we got the new forum. It was not like this in the old forum. I know I have requested a change long ago but seen no response. Please change it!

PS. This is for the option "Find Posts from", whose title I incidentally cannot see because the forum color scheme apparently still has some more configuration left. Using newtek_08.