View Full Version : problem rendering sequences

10-22-2003, 09:04 AM
Hi there we have a really strange problem here with rendering.
I have this scene with multible plates with all different types of texures with sequences maped on to it.
If i open the scene, en immidiatly press F9 (this is wat network rendering does) it will crash, wihtout any warning.
The main problems are the Specularity channel and the BumbMap, if these are just normal single pictures its ok but if the're seuquence images it goes crazzy.
if i open the scene and go to my image editor touch the sequence file (only touching it, no ajustments or whatever) and i press F9 again it's all ok and i can render it. :confused:
The problem is that it takes over a minute a frame and we have butterfly network renderer and all brand new dual xeons :D we all want to use because we're comming to a deadline.