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04-02-2012, 03:00 PM
I have some questions about the archiving and editing footage from a 3Play 820.
1. What would be one the best "archive for editing" outputs? This would be to edit highlights at the end of the season, etc. I tried h.264, but Premiere doesn't like those files on a PC. So right now I have chose the Premiere Pro setting, but I'm not really sure what it is doing to the file.
2. If I keep the archive files the same or change them to the Premiere Pro output, what are the proper settings to edit in Premiere? Would it be the Sony HD EX setting since that is mpeg2 HD?

I just recently hosted a Monster Truck show in our arena and did some replay of events for them. I then took all the replays and exported them out in the Premiere Pro setting to give to them. I just heard back that they can't play them back. I'm not sure what they are using for editing, so I'm not sure if that is a good output setting to use. Unfortunately they wanted the files right after the show, so I didn't have time to encoded to h.246.

Thanks in advance to any help or suggestions,

04-02-2012, 07:40 PM
You have two aspects to when you say 'archive for editing' that are working against each other. There is no perfect solution (if there was, we would all be using it!)

'Archive' says that you want a smaller file that you are looking to store (potentially for long term). Typically in this case playback is more important than the ability to edit it. You want your media stored in a format that will be (hopefully!) useable in the future with the smallest file size footprint possible.

'Editing' says that you want a file that works better for non-linear work. However to have file that is ‘easy to edit’ usually means a larger file size since the functions that make a smaller file also make it more difficult to access in a non-linear fashion.

Typically, H.264 isn't a good 'editing' format as not all editing applications support it and even if they do, this format requires a lot of CPU power to work with.

If possible, I would recommend the native MPEG-2 format that 3PLAY works in, again not all system will work with it, but the CPU overhead is usually much lower.

Otherwise, there is an option to export the 3PLAY clips as Quicktime. They should work just about anywhere, however there is conversion time and the files might end up being larger than either of the above formats.

04-03-2012, 06:57 AM
Thanks, I have a beefy system to edit with and I understand that the larger files are better. But when you have 40 basketball games a year, saving highlights to be used at the end of the year can take up a lot of space. I'm pretty much set on saving in the larger mpeg2. That being said, what is the 3play doing to the files when you choose the "save to Premiere Pro" option? Also, any suggestion on settings in Premiere to edit either the Premiere Pro saved files or save as same as project files?

04-04-2012, 03:13 PM
Here is a list of what the files specs are for the application formats export out of 3PLAY.

Adobe Premiere Pro® - high quality MPEG-2 Program Stream, full raster, 4:2:2 sub-sampling, variable bitrate (100 Mbps nominal).

Apple Final Cur Pro® (.mov) – very high quality M-JPEG encoding, full raster, 4:2:2 sub-sampling, high compatibility.

AVID Media Composer® (.mov) – very high quality HD encoding, full raster, 4:2:2 sub-sampling, high bitrate (up to 220 Mb/s).

Grass Valley Edius® – high quality HD encoding, full raster, 4:2:0 sub sampling, high bitrate (up to 100 Mb/s).

NewTek SpeedEDIT™ – high quality MPEG-2 Program Stream, full raster, 4:2:0 sub-sampling, variable bitrate (up to 100 Mb/s).

Sony Vegas® – high quality MPEG-2 Program Stream, full raster, 4:2:0 sub-sampling, variable bitrate (up to 100 Mb/s).

08-07-2012, 01:52 PM
Thanks. I haven't been on for awhile.