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03-30-2012, 11:42 PM
Association of Computer Graphic International(ACG) is a top CG vocational training school in China, based in Beijing. ACG has several branches in China.
The school situated in the heart of Beijing, China. It has several vocational training and foundation courses and there are pproximately 30 full time teachers, 35 other staff and 200 students.
ACG has been developing the first art foundation program in China in 2009, designed to assist Chinese arts students prepare them for living and studying well at English-speaking arts schools.
ACG believes people are the companys greatest assets. We provide employees a proper environment and believe they will make a great contribution to the company and to their own self-development.
We now invite you, smart and ambitious people, to join us and grow together. ACG will make your ideas real.
As follows are details:
Aassistants in teaching Art , design, or media
The interns should arrive in China no more than July, 2012

ACG offers an excellent opportunity for new, inexperienced art teacher to get a wide range of experience and be involved in the expo or communication in the China top arts schools. The length of this program is no less than 7 months.
1.16-20 teaching hours per week(teaching entry level students in Art, CG, Design or Media or in ACG Boot Camp for new students)
2.help the lead teacher in CG,Design or Media courses.


1.public holiday at China, include religious days.
2.international work experience.
3.visiting and presentation at Chinese leading universities and colleges in different Chinese cities.
4.visa support
6.Competitive salary in China

School website: www.acgeua.com

Requirements Bachelor degree or above in Art, Design or Media Highly desirable if someone have design, production experience or art teaching experienceOr Good at painting, drawing, multimedia, CG art by using 2D or 3D software and preferably someone who has knowledge in 3D animation or VFX. presentation skills
Working Place:In the center of Beijing, ChinaContact info: email - [email protected] phone - 86-10-58696285-815(Ext) address - Floor 10, Building 15, Jianwai SOHO, Beijing, China