View Full Version : Automatic empty layer removal/layer consolidation

03-29-2012, 03:01 PM
Just went thru a bit of googling, please benefit from my travails:

Wanted an "automatic empty layer remover" or "layer consolidation" tool for Modeler. Several coders generously have made scripts available on the net, but there's some issues:

Kevman3d has several layer tools scripts, but they're a bit elderly and the consolidator script seems to be buggy. However, they are uncompiled (THANK YOU!), so possibly fixable.

faulknermano has some removal scripts, but not (apparently?) automatic. Found some bugs there too (wouldn't remove empty layers??).

from TAMA in Japan, I found "Delete Layer PLUS" which isn't automatic, BUT allows you to manually select layers, warns you if you're deleting geometry, and consolidates layers neatly.

So, still looking for a tool to delete layers without geometry, consolidate layers, and do it automatically.