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03-29-2012, 02:08 AM
Hi there.
Sorry for not being around much lately. I have been very busy with projects over the past 8 months including Iron Sky (in theaters april 4th!) and the new film I'm working on now.
So hi and all that stuff! Missed you kats!

Right now though I need your help on a totally NOT 3D related matter.

As many of you may have guessed by my user name, I DJ. Several years ago I was actually a very popular DJ in the underground trance circuit world wide. Due to working on crazy shows and schedules that sucked plus putting my career on hold to work over seas 3 times now, I have fallen off the map a bit, but not so much as I would have thought.
So, I'm asking you, the awesome LW and NT community to help me regain a bit of ground in this area of DJing by taking a moment out of your day and voting for me on http://thedjlist.com/djs/LITHIUM

Because of the support of fans and members of the community here in LightWave land, I have already broken through to number 7 in Vancouver after not even being ranked and from 100 to number 70 in Canada over all in just 36 hours. As I have been working on my first EP to be released on 12" this summer on my own label (we have done about 15 records independent for other aritsts around the world who have had major support from other labels and super star djs like Tiesto, Oakenfold, JOOF and more over the years, so we know what we are doing in that respect) I've come to the realization that 14+ years of DJing and streaming my station online is worth something and I should give it another serious shot. To help me out with a vote means a couple of very important things. First, it brings attention to the fact that seemingly out of nowhere according to some locally - that I am back and in full effect and ready to rock and in turn this means better support and anticipation of the 12" release along with further mixes coming out in the next few weeks building up over the next 3 months. Second, it sends a message that a purely vinyl DJ can still fight claw and paw while surrounded by digital dj button pushers who don't pay anything for their music. Because I play vinyl I have to. This means something on many levels especially when it comes to promoters for bookings. So a vote helps me out in many ways.

therefore, for all of you out there who have tuned into my radio station (www.blacktigerrecordings.com/trance.pls) over years, or picked up one of my tutorials for LightWave, I want to say thank you and ask for this small favor.
To vote is simple, but you will need a facebook account to make it easy. I know many people don't like facebook right now and I totally appreciate that. If you do vote, thedjlist.com site will try and sneak past you an app. You don't have to let it live on your facebook profile to cast a vote. Simply hover over the right hand side of each thing it wants to access from your profile and kill them off one at a time (there about 5) and then proceed. No harm done and the vote is cast and you can help me in my quest to keep spinning and releasing vinyl for a long time coming.

To show you just how much of a difference a handful of votes makes, here are some of the pages where you can see me (LITHIUM) listed. This was possible in just under 2 days as I mentioned before and I believe I can crack the top 5 for vancouver if not hit the 1# spot (which will shock the hell out of more than a few people and thats what I want to do), and with any luck break the top 50 for canada if not do better..
Here are those stats.
(i am at number 7 now, hopefully in the top 5 sometime in the next 24 hours)
For canada wide, I'm at 70 currently. http://thedjlist.com/world/Canada/djs/50/

6 more spots and I would beat out a long time favorite of this town and I think I can do it with your help.

So thank you in advance for voting!
BTW, if you hit my http://thedjlist.com/djs/LITHIUM page and look for mixes there are a few freebies there for you!
Enjoy and thanks again!

(btw, trance is great to LightWave to :) )


DJ Lithium

PS, dear forum mods. I won't be terribly upset if you delete this for being totally off topic. I can understand it, but before you do, please at least vote! =^..^=

03-29-2012, 02:11 AM
lol! Always happy to support the Kat, as long as you do a special LightWave remix track for your next album... :neener:


03-29-2012, 02:13 AM
lol! Always happy to support the Kat, as long as you do a special LightWave remix track for your next album... :neener:


Funny you should ask. There is talk internally at BTR for a music video of one of the singles. All done in LW of course!

03-29-2012, 02:17 AM
Awesome! I have broken the top 500 trance DJs in the world at #344!
Check it out!

03-29-2012, 06:01 AM
(btw, trance is great to LightWave to :) )

Hehe yes. Voted!

03-29-2012, 06:39 AM

03-30-2012, 02:36 AM
Never knew about your radio station -- very slick stuff -- love it, and I of course voted!

03-31-2012, 09:44 AM
thanks guys! just a few more votes or so and I could bounce a long time favorite dj in vancouver out of the top 5 and maybe even give the shy brothers a run for their money. We will see but thankyou to everyone who voted! :)