View Full Version : 3Play 425 stops responding after periods of inactivity?

03-28-2012, 01:43 PM
We're loving our 3Play 425 since we have upgraded from the 330, but we've had a couple problems with it freezing BEFORE our productions. Our 330 used to lock up frequently at random times, but so far, our 425 has been solid during productions.

However, twice now it has locked up in the time period leading up to the start of our productions. When we boot up the 425 and load in our elements, everything seems fine, but then we leave it for a couple hours for lunch or break time. Today as we were about 5 minutes from going live, our 3Play operator tried to cue up a video and the system was locked.

Actually, the GUI screen seemed to be still moving with the clock and video inputs, but the controller, mouse, and keyboard would not respond (the controller lights were still on). Unplugging and trying the USB devices again did not do the trick and neither did Ctrl-Alt-Del. We were forced to hard-reset the 3Play.

After the hard-reset, we could not re-cue our previously ingested video and it seemed that everything we had loaded in was gone. The Events were still listed, but there wasn't video. So we weren't able to run the first video and we were scrambling to load in the rest of the elements before they were needed.

Has anyone run across a problem like this? We have not talked to Customer Support or tried a factory restore yet.



03-28-2012, 02:23 PM
What about heat?

check the bios and tune up the Fans to run full output in case they are set to economy/quiet mode. I know of one guy with a 450 that had all kinds of issues with heat build up in the smaller form factor. Turns out the fans in the bios were set to quiet mode and just for grins he changed them to Normal. Fans spun faster and no more craziness. Maybe someone from NT engineering could comment what the actual Bios setting should be. I can't imagine on the smaller 450 and 425 that fans running faster would be a bad thing. Especially in a broadcast truck/trailer where fan noise is not the worst thing to worry about. A box that hangs is much worse than the fan noise.

03-28-2012, 08:49 PM

It's entirely possible heat is the culprit, which is at the top of my list of things to investigate.

In our production truck, we've never had any heat issues with other computer-based gear. We've used VT5s, SD & HD TriCasters, 3Play 330s, and other rack-mounted computers. In the spring months with mild temperatures (now), we are able to keep the interior temperature at about 72 degrees. It does get warmer in the summer when the A/C is working nonstop to remove the humidity.

It does seem the 3Play 425 runs quite a bit hotter than our old 330 and the other computer-based gear in the truck -- judging by the hot air exhaust and the warmth of the metal case.

I'll see if I can ramp up the fan speeds and possible re-locate the 425 to a different location in the racks with better ventilation. I'll also see if the BIOS lists any fan temperatures and maybe I can post those here.


03-29-2012, 08:14 AM
I'll see if I can ramp up the fan speeds and possible re-locate the 425 to a different location in the racks with better ventilation. I'll also see if the BIOS lists any fan temperatures and maybe I can post those here.

Definitely worth investigating. Heat is our enemy. Keep in mind to see any internal temperatures you will need to have the unit running for a few hours actually recording and playing back. Then reboot and enter Bios to see temperatures. I would check the temps on first boot up and then every hour for at least 3. Remember to do it with all the other gear fired up and A/C on so you have a consistent baseline. Lots of time people will do tests without turning everything else on and that doesn't help diagnose anything.

In the bios there should be an area that lists temperature of the CPU and Motherboard. Document those. Then a separate area will have the fan speeds. Document those too before making any changes.

Good luck. and don't hesitate to call NT Support.

03-29-2012, 08:43 AM
Will do, thanks Jef.

04-02-2012, 04:55 PM
After we used the 3Play 425 for a couple hours in a live production environment, I checked the BIOS and it showed the processor running at about 58 degrees Celsius. The other three temperatures it listed were in the low to mid 50s as well. That doesn't seem too excessively hot to me??

We did not have any pre-broadcast freezing or loss of video for our double-header baseball game Saturday.

But we were having some "playback stopped to avoid dropped frames" issues when using A+B mode and/or Fast Jogging. We had to avoid those two features. I'm not sure if those problems are heat related or if those were possible addressed in the Latest 3Play update.