View Full Version : LW > Optical Flares Integration trick

03-25-2012, 02:33 PM
I don't know If anyone has figured this out yet or if I'm just repeating the obvious, but this is a trick I figured out to have ALL bright objects in your scene generate a flare, without the need of motion tracking.

I actually don't have OF yet, so I'll try to describe each step as well as I can.

I. So, you have your scene ready for breakout and comping. select all of the lights and turn ON Lens flare, then set all the settings you want for how it behaves (i.e. Fade in distance, Fog, etc.) as desired. Then turn OFF all of the visual elements such as reflections and streaks EXCEPT for "central glow".

II. Turn ON Flare2Alpha and any other Bloom or Corona effects you want.

III. DON'T break out your scene just yet- render the entire footage as a .exr sequence or some other file type that is 32-bit and has embedded alpha. save it as LensFlarePass_000.exr or something...

IV. Turn Corona, Bloom, and especially Flare2Alpha OFF before continuing.

V. Save your scene.

VI. Breakout and render the rest as separate passes.

VII. Load everything into AE.

VIII. Composite however you want, and then put the LensFlarePass_000.exr sequence on top.

IX. Make sure you are working in 32-bit mode, and then pre- compose the LensFlarePass_000.exr sequence.

X. In the new comp, select Color Correction > Colorama and put it onto the pass.

XI. Set Output Cycle> User preset palette to Ramp Grey.

XII. Click on the black portion to make a new black node.

XIII. Drag it clockwise around the circle until only what you ant to flare is visible.

XIV. Create a new black solid.

XV. Set blending mode to Add and put Optical Flares on it.

XVI. Set settings as desired.

XVII. Set tracking mode from 2D to Track Luma.

XVIII. Go back to your original comp and see lots of anamorphic streaks.


Hope this was helpful.