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10-21-2003, 07:01 PM
Originally posted in another thread (General Support->LW8 Am I the ..."!

What we need to improve user interface in LW 8 (or atleast LW 9):

1. Hope all the tool bars and menus are floating.

2. In a dual monitor setup, I should have 5 view ports in the Modeler - 4 standard view ports and the 5th a floating view port that I can drag onto my second monitor and max out that display to cover the entire screen (Viva - a large perspective)! So, I have a left monitor Top, Front, Left & Right; and a right monitor with Perspective!

3. Menus and Text should be in clear and understandable English. I know this discussion has been there for the past couple of years BUT again how is "Construct" different from "Create"? If "Construct" adds to "Create" then why doesn't "Multiply"? What does "Map" do that "Detail" cannot? Why not call "Display" "Setup"? Newtek's strong point was using words and not icons - And I don't want to start maintaining a "Lightwave Dicitionary"!

Don't let new users get the jitters ...

4. Most important is a RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON context menu pop-up. It's OK to say keyboard shortcuts - it's also OK to live in the Victorian Era!

When we select an object (point, poly, vol, selection), a RMB click should pop up the basic modify/mulitply tools and keyboard assignments should (probably) change to make selection of other tools or settings easier.


10-22-2003, 02:12 AM
completely agree on this question about clearly defining the tabs in modeler.

you can customize them by yourself, though.

but a noob user could not do that, because he simply doesn't know all tools and really needs a well organized UI, wich is alawys welcome indeed. :D

I like contextual menus, but I'd like to see them more in layout than in mod. keyboard shortcuts are great for a fast workflow, and you don't have to click any mouse button wich sometime's annoying.

have a nice day!!:)

10-22-2003, 05:54 AM
As an animator I prefer to keep right mouse button for "moving +/- Y"and "rotating +/- bank".

It improves the posing speed. You don't need to use handles and grab them. I can place my item very quick in 3D:
I move it in the horizontal plane with +/-X mouse moving with lmb for +/- position X and +/-Z mouse moving with lmb for +/- position Z. Then verticaly with +/-Z mouse moving with rmb for positionY.
It's the same for rotation and is save lots of time. Just swap from world/local/parent and it's ok (or use ctrl key for local).

The actual ctrl+shift lmb, mmb, rmb for context menu is ok.
Please DON'T REMOVE usefull ergonomics, just add new custom features.
For example, you can RMB on the pivot item or on a specific area of the handle to pop up the menu. This menu will be different for nulls, lights, bones, camera. And then you keep the actual way of moving/rotating evrywhere else in the viewport

>4. Most important is a RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON context menu pop-up. It's OK to say keyboard shortcuts - it's also OK to live in the Victorian Era!