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03-22-2012, 07:47 AM
At times I need to put something on my computers screens which is also running iVGA and doing overlays on live video. I don't want the unwanted stuff to pop up obviously and it's difficult to always turn the iVGA overlay on and off for when this stuff needs to happen. There is a privacy mode but it puts up the Logo which would overlay on our video.
If there was a blank mode which could have a preset color (for keying purposes) and not allow anything to be transmitted over the network that would be awesome.

Anyone else have need of this feature?

03-22-2012, 08:22 AM
I'm pretty sure this has been asked before in some form or another. I think allowing a custom logo in privacy mode is the most asked.

I remember someone using a DVI Detective or a Parrot on the laptops VGA port to fave the laptop into thinking it had a 2nd monitor. Then they enabled primary or secondary iVGA output to cover themselves.
The big advantage of a DVI Detective over using another physical monitor is size and weight. The disadvantage is not seeing the 2nd display without looking at the TriCaster so it really only lends itself to your own branded splash screen to put on screen while you make your changes rather than the privacy logo.

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03-22-2012, 09:05 AM
I think Jose is headed down the right path.

In our installations we normally setup the Worship or PowerPoint computer to have dual monitors. We only have Ivga feeding us the 2nd monitor output. Make the desktop black and then when there is no display from PP or the worship software IVGA just sees black.

You can load new files, move around stuff, do whatever you like on the primary monitor and IVGA will know nothing of it.

So if you are not running dual monitors then try that.

03-22-2012, 01:39 PM
Well our setup is a bit more complicated than the typical.
We do have the dual monitor setup where the 2nd monitor is where ProPresenter puts the lyrics. My default background color for PP is blue so it goes through iVGA to Tricaster, gets keyed and is overlayed on the live video.
However (this is where it gets tricky), there are certain graphics we want to show to only our congregation but not online campuses and internet audience which is watching the stream from Tricaster. In this case we want to "temporarily disable iVGA" without turning closing it or turning it off in Tricaster, put up a graphic on PP, and use our video switcher to display PP directly to our screens instead of throuhg iVGA to Tricaster (which goes to the same big screens using our video switcher).

Does this make sense?

I tried duplicating the "Privacy.jpg" found in iVGA's folder but made it all blue. When I go to Privacy mode the icon in the doc (MAC) turned blue which looked good to me but Tricaster still having iVGA selected in the network source was seeing Monitor 1... which is not good. Then when I select iVGA again it freezes. This same thing happened multiple times.
I thought it was simple, that I could just replace the logo (Privacy.jpg) with my key blue... but for some reason this is not working.

03-22-2012, 06:56 PM
What you are doing is not that hard to do. You just happen to be running into limitations with your current configuration.

Since you mentioned you were using ProPresenter, have you looked into if you could add a 3rd output to it? I personally think you are running into Mac and IVGA compatibility issues because what you described iVGA wigging out definitely doesn't happen on my PC setups.

Let me layout how one of my church clients does something similar and see if that helps you think of a different way of doing it in your setup.

They are using a XD850 and feeding the Aux out to the screens inside and the rest of the campus over a modulator. They select on the Aux delegate what to send to the screens in the worship center or campus. This allows them to produce a completely different show on the Aux row than what they produce for the webcast.

At any time they want they can feed EasyWorship or any other input directly to the worship center screens using the Aux row delegate. With a keyboard shortcut they can jump from EasyWorship to the Program output either dirty or clean.

One other idea for your situation is to use a DVI or HDMI to HDSDI convertor. Bypass iVGA altogether.

04-18-2012, 09:18 AM
Well we want to overlay ProPresenters lyrics directly on top of the Program output which is always on the sanctuary screens.
I tried replacing the default logo with a key blue image the same resolution but it would freeze, very strange. I'll try it again.

iVGA is a powerful tool, I'm surprised it does not have this simple option to temporarily stop transmission from the source instead of relying on the director on the Tricaster, which is over a hundred feet away with different communication systems.