View Full Version : Why each 3D softwares are used very often in a specific area ?

03-19-2012, 05:38 PM

Why each 3D softwares are used in specific area whereas technically they can do the job from A to Z ?

What makes a 3D software more use than an other in certain domain? I know all of them can do the same work as the other technically speaking, but why cinema studios use for each stuff they want to do, a different software? Mich more complicated, less productivity etc. imho

For example, based on customer showcase and research, whereas they could be used from A to Z to do what they want:

- Cinema 4D is most used for motion graphic, broadcast, matte painting and body painting
- Maya is most used for high end VFX and 3D animation movies
- Houdini is most used for high end VFX (a bit better than maya as i've read)
- Lightwave seems to be used massively on TV series (why more than the others for series? i don't know) but also in lot of movies but not in 3D animation

All are high end 3D software, capables to offer the same thing, offering the same tools, so why IN GENERAL it seems that each one is used in a specific area?

Sorry for my english