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03-19-2012, 04:54 AM
I finally got LightNet: Cloud v1.8 posted up this weekend! I say "finally" because I've pretty much finished since January, but haven't had any time to write documentation. I've been real busy lately - which believe me, I'm not complaining about - so I'm really excited to get this out to the world. Documentation is easily my least favorite part of software development.

One cool and fun little project I recently put together was a full character animation short for a local company. http://youtu.be/pVIFCwRSArI

You can grab it LightNet: Cloud 1.8 here:

Here's the Change Log:

------Overall improvements of file handling-------

* A focus of this build has been improvements in the FTP file handling system:

The file handling systems has been greatly improved with lots of changes and bug fixes that involve the timing of downloading, manipulating the uploading files. Due to the complex nature of this dynamic FTP client based model of LnC, there are lots of moving parts so I had several dents to bang out. I believe I have eliminated all Access Violation errors and bugs related to file manipulation. This includes a bug where the render queue would occasionally become cleared when there were still frames to render.

------LightNet: Cloud-------

* Added Group feature:

This includes an updated lscript that allows you to define groups and set scenes to be rendered by groups of machines rather than every machine.

------LightNet: Watcher------

There have been lots of changes to Watcher to make it a much more mature program. The previous version of Watcher basically only cleared scenes that were finished, gave a time estimate and had a rudimentary system for manually entering commands to manipulate the queue. Now there are two menu options; Queue and Server. Queue is designed to be tools that manipulate the frames in the render queue. Server is designed to be tools that actually manipulate the server.

* ETA Improvements:

The estimated time of arrival (ETA) has been improved and an average seconds per frame has been added to the variables in the scene queue file (the ini files). It is important to understand that LnC is not a centralized command and control type system, it only observes the queue and measures the time based on what it sees. It does not know how much time each machine takes to render a frame. All it knows it that X number of frames were rendered in Y number of seconds. The the average seconds per frame is not in any way a measure of how long each frame takes to render per machine. If half of your computers go off-line for some reason, it will effect the average frames per second even though the amount of seconds per frame has not actually changed. It is also a weighted average, so that if render times changes dramatically, it will take an update or two before the Watcher will register the new average.

* The grid interface is improved and now includes the ETA time
* Add Scene tool:

This tool adds frames to the render queue for a scene that is already on the server. It does not upload a scene to the server. To add a scene to the server, the Watch Folder should be used.

* Remove Scene tool:

As with the Add Scene tool, the Remove Scene tool removes frames from the queue, it does not remove the scene from the server.

* Top Scene tool:

Moves a scene to the top of the render queue.

* Purge Scene tool:

The Purge Scene tool will search the server for all files related to a scene and remove them from the server. This will not effect the render queue. It is important to remove a scene from the queue before purging it from the server.

* Download Output tool:

The Download Output tool will ask your for a local directory, scan the server for files associated with a scene you select and then download the server's file to the local directory you selected.

* Gap Check tool:

The Gap Check tool will scan the RGB output directory for gaps in frame output. If it finds gaps or files that are 0 bytes in size, it will add them to the render queue. Currently it adds all missing frames as single frames to the queue. The tool will check the digits at the end of the file name so it is important that the frame number is separated from the rest of the filename. Be sure there is a _ or some other non-numeric character to the end of the output filename for the Gap Check tool to work properly.

* Force Server Check:

The force server check has been moved to the Server menu. Ctrl+F will still execute a server check.

* Initialize Server:

The Initialize Server tool will put blank ini files on the server to set or reset the server to an initial state.

* Manage The Server:

If checked this option will have the current Watcher manager the server. Clicking on the option will check and uncheck it. When first started, the Watcher will get the setting from the config setting that is set in LightNet: Cloud.

03-19-2012, 06:36 AM
Sexy ...

03-19-2012, 07:29 AM
Will definitely try this. Thanks.

03-19-2012, 11:35 AM
Finally ! Great news. Thanks Joe :thumbsup:

03-23-2012, 05:52 AM
Thanks guys!

Gimme some feedback on the new tools and anything new you'd like to see.

06-24-2012, 05:14 AM
Not sure why I'm getting this error:

LnC: Waiting on file data on 0_Inc_scenes_onsite.ini

EDIT: Ahh... forgot to change it to onsite in the settings. :D

But now LightNet-Cloud.exe crashes when I start Screamer... I am testing with LW11 now, so it might be that.

06-24-2012, 05:38 AM
Not sure why I'm getting this error:

LnC: Waiting on file data on 0_Inc_scenes_onsite.ini

EDIT: Ahh... forgot to change it to onsite in the settings. :D

But now LightNet-Cloud.exe crashes when I start Screamer... I am testing with LW11 now, so it might be that.

Haven't had any problem with LW11.0.1 so far.
Sometimes LnC could be tricky, so in such case I clean up all temp files (in both local and ftp location) before starting again.

06-24-2012, 04:38 PM
LW11 shouldn't cause a crash.

Do you get an error message? Does LnC crash and the screamer window stay open?