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I'll start by explaining my scene setup, then my issues and questions. I got the scene from this contest - http://www.3drender.com/challenges/Natural_History/index.html I am also trying to mimic the scene done by Gabor Vacz. 5th image if you view it 4 by 4.

Textured Environment - Sunsky (Standard settings)

Lights : 1 infinite light, and 1 spot light pointing exact same direction into the museum from outside. 100m inverse distance^2

Radisoity -Standard Monte carlo. 300 rays 4 bounce 50 secondary

Texture - Every shader is just a basic color directly from the preset LWO. (Maybe some values on Specular)

I've only personally textured the t-rex so far. Just trying to get the lighting correct first.

-- Render --

http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/560/png32.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/688/png32.jpg/)

Question 1#
Can "foreign" materials such as from an export put up the rendertimes? The rendertime when I checked was one freaking hour for this scene. That's crazy if you ask me. I dont see why this wuld take long with pretty low radisoity settings, and only

Issue #1 I get these really ugly and unrealistic blobs of light here and there in VPR but sometimes also in final render, I tweaked settings and I noticed what had most effect was Maximum and minimum pixel spacing. I read the radisoity guide by except but I just cant seem to get the point of these. Are there any thumb rules? Like if you ahve a scene with alot of small detail you should go low values 4-40 and if you have a wide scene with big details like my scene you should go bigger 10-100? Just guessing.

Issue #2 Lighting

besides tonemapping I always try to squeeze as much as I can from the raw render. Any suggestion for light setup to give an overall brighter scene such as Gabor Vacz ?

As I stated above right now I got two lights, both outside at the same spot aiming int he same direction. Infinite light with 100% no change everything standard, then a spotlight with volumetric lighting and reduced brightness to around 50% and some tweak to the volumetric light thingy.

Issue #3

Sub surface scattering - I'm a bit confused as to which node you plug this into. I figured plugging it into the translucency node gave the best result(if it gave any....) if I plug it into color or anything else the shader just goes completely black.

Issue #4

This isn't an issue, I just wanted to say you guys rock! =) I'll probably have more questions later.

God bless!

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You the man!!!! I'm watching it right now. Nice! =) It solved the splotch problem issue #1 and question #1 aswell or larger parts of it. Cheerio

Also got a few idea how to light it. I'll post as soon as I have something.

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Very easy interior lighting give us this scn plz or send it in my email [email protected]

thnx we will do render amazing ;)