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wibly wobly
03-16-2012, 11:59 AM
So I'm making a small army using a 24 frame walk cycle by way of particles and clips. Everything is all hunky dory until around 80-100 frames in where LW starts to double up frames. It does it about every 3-4 frames so it's really noticeable. I can't find any frame rate issues, I've rendered out loops in AE of up to 1000 frames to make sure it isn't an internal looping issue in LW but, can't find anything that's causing it. I'd try using a QT but, I'm on 64bit here so that's no good and LW doesn't seen to load up uncompressed avi with alpha channels either. Other file formats seem to have the same issue. Has anyone seen this before? I've never used them for a scene of this length so it's hasn't popped up. I'm using 9.6 atm.


edit: it seems to only do it when I have the image order set to particle age (which gives me the best random results) but, not other image sequence options.