View Full Version : Automatic foliage

Dan Ritchie
03-13-2012, 10:51 AM
Some day I would love to see this as a feature in LW.

First off, the new instancing is fabulous, and fits the bill just nicely for creating lots of foliage.

But wouldn't it be a time saver if you could press a button, and suddenly your object was covered with grass and flowers.

Foliage could be implemented as a reletivley simple particle system. Particles would be emmited from the surface, and leave a rendered tail, which would become the final rendred output as part of the image buffer.

Particles could split using a library of rules for branching, or perhaps an l-lystem, forming complex tree structures with little memory overhead, since they're rendered on the fly.

Final results wouldn't need an antialiasing pass, because the rendering routine is pixel acurate (unless motion blur is on, I suppose)