View Full Version : Solution to G-Force 2xx/4xx/5xx OpenGL crash problem

03-11-2012, 05:04 PM
Okay, found THE answer to my problem with all 3 of my gforce cards (250/460/550) to crash OpenGL in sessions with Win64. I swapped out ALL of the hardware, including power supply and motherboard. Nothing.

I realized that it MUST be Windows.

I thought of, and dismissed, the drivers. nVidia must be able to write a driver, right? Windows is the only program that I hadn't changed.

So, I installed the preview version of Windows 8 on my computer on Thursday the March 8th. It hasn't crashed yet. (notice I said, "yet...")

Another reason is that the driver (from nVidia, I think...) is a 296.17. Which is an improvement over the latest 295.73. This, along with Windows 8 not having the TDR... or such a twitchy implementation. SEEMS to me that it is working.


So, while Win8 is a bit wonky in its implementation, it is stable and "full function" for a beta.

I had no problem with Lightwave 11 installation, but I have had problems with Daz Studio 4 Pro. I intend to install Motion Builder a little later...