View Full Version : How to export an object as an SD file? (for RealFlow)

03-03-2012, 10:58 PM

I'm trying to learn the workflow of RealFlow and want to do some rigid body dynamics with a simple Lightwave model. I have simple stack of cubes in a grid form that I would like to export as an SD file so I can import it in RealFlow as a Multibody object. Ideally I want to export all the cubes in one file and have them as seperate dynamic cubes in RF.
How can this be done?

I have tried using the importer/exporter for RF in Layout, and exporting the object, but importing it in RF results in one solid grid of cubes, not seperate.
Is there another way to import/export objects as SD files?

Im using Lightwave 9.6 and RealFlow 5.
Thanks in advance!

03-04-2012, 04:00 AM
How I understand it is that multibody just refers to how RF reads the imported geometry: A normal sd file import will show up as a list of objects from your LW scene (so if you have 100 clones of a box in your scene, as 100 separate objects, RF will display a list of 100 items, each with their own settings) whereas the multibody object will import the same 100 items but display just one set of settings, which is useful if you want to set behaviour for a group of clones.
Unfortunately it seems RF cannot read your object as consisting of multiple objects and would treat it as a single object. Which is annoying :(

03-04-2012, 04:50 PM
Thanks Lazybyte,
I think I finally got it. Every object you want seperated in RF needs to be on its own seperate object layer in LW.
I tried a small test of stacked barrels, cut/paste each one into a different layer and exported it to an SD file using RF's plugin in Layout. Worked like a charm.

I only did a small test of 20-something barrels..that would be a pain if it were hunders of objects. Is there a plugin that will break up one layer into seperate layers?