View Full Version : LW11 radiosity calculations - minimum pixel spacing

03-02-2012, 09:55 AM
Has the minimum pixel spacing setting under the GI options, been affected in a similar way to the original shading and lighting samples being changed to a new default after being unified.. ?
I had noticed straight off the bat with LW11 initially, that GI calculations had been taking alot longer to render than they were in v10.1

On a current project, I was working in and around a MPS value of 2 when using GI in LW10.1, for a balance between quality and speed etc for animated scenes. When using this same value in LW11, the radiosity was taking twice as long to calculate if not more. (as if it was on a value of 1 in LW10.xx)

I noticed that changing the minimum pixel spacing from a value of 2 to a value of 4 (in LW11) was rendering similar results in both quality and time, just like it was supposed to when set at a value of 2 in LW10.xx

Would i be right in thinking, a value of 8 for minimum pixel spacing should be the new default in LW11's GI settings? ie: 8=4 4=2 2=1 etc.
(I think the default in 10.xx was 3 or 4)

Any insight on this would be appreciated!