View Full Version : LW 11 to Photoshop

02-24-2012, 12:50 PM
I rendered a frame with "Print Camera" at 8.5 by 11 inches as a "targa" file. When I put it in Photoshop it was 35.417 by 45.833 inches. What am I doing incorrectly.

02-24-2012, 01:06 PM
I think if you reset Photoshop to be at 300 DPI rather than 72, you'll be there.

02-24-2012, 01:12 PM
Your DPI settings are wrong somewhere. 8.5 by 11 at 300 dpi is equal to 35.417 by 45.833 at 72dpi.

02-24-2012, 01:15 PM
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02-24-2012, 01:18 PM
Cagey5, Changing the dpi did the trick. What I don't understand is why it changed in the transfer from LW to Photoshop. There isn't anything in "Preferences" that would change the size, dpi or not. Of course I'm not an expert in LW or Photoshop.

02-24-2012, 01:23 PM
There is no such thing as DPI or PPI in LightWave. DPI is purely a concept for print. A render from LightWave is always just pixels, what DPI you assign in Photoshop is up to you, and if Photoshop doesn't find a DPI tag in an image it assigns 72 DPI by default. If it assigned 300 DPI by default the image would be sized perfectly.


02-24-2012, 01:29 PM
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