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02-24-2012, 11:01 AM
I am selling to fund an upgrade. I have the following equipment for sale.

VT Pro card with daughter card
VM switcher controller
All cables
Color printer user manual
Rackmount 4U case
Windows 7 Pro
5 bay HD enclosure hot swappable loaded with:
4x 1TB Hitachi Corvair storage drives in a 2TB raid 10.
1 hotswap bay is empty
320 System hard drive mounted internally.

I do not have the current installed memory in front of me.

The license is current, valid, and transferable.

I will entertain offers but i am asking $2,400.

I am in Atlanta and will ship. I would like to get $150 more for DOMESTIC shipping. I think that packing and shipping will be a very large endeavor for this piece and accessories.

404 . 772 . 5050
Rob Lipop at gmail dot com

02-26-2012, 09:45 AM
All pictures are clickable. There are captions.

http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-Lj6Lt8v/0/M/IMG5524-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726140426&k=Lj6Lt8v&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-jJ38d9L/0/M/IMG5526-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726140433&k=jJ38d9L&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-MBp8pF8/0/M/IMG5527-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726140585&k=MBp8pF8&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-C3pzCn7/0/M/IMG5531-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726147732&k=C3pzCn7&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-J2XS37p/0/M/IMG5512-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726139474&k=J2XS37p&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-JN3WQ7h/0/M/IMG5514-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726139566&k=JN3WQ7h&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-v4fp47v/0/M/IMG5513-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726139568&k=v4fp47v&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-w4xLN3v/0/M/IMG5515-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726139648&k=w4xLN3v&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-9Nr3kz4/0/M/IMG5516-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726139786&k=9Nr3kz4&lb=1&s=A)
http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/i-dhJJ3b7/0/M/IMG5522-M.jpg (http://roblipop.smugmug.com/Business/Toys-For-Sale/21641982_MGgMPS#!i=1726140160&k=dhJJ3b7&lb=1&s=A)

02-26-2012, 09:01 PM
Due to lack of unreliability of the PC that i built to host this VT system I am removing the NON-Newtek items from the listing. I do not feel comfortable with the reliability of the complete system.

I was tuning up stuff in order to ship out to a buyer and found that the system was just unstable, dropping drives out of the RAID.

I do not want to warranty a system, express or implied, and i am going to let Newtek support their parts.

***There is no reason to suspect the NEWTEK hardware is bad*** It is the drive enclosure that is dropping drives on the system level, nothing within the Newtek interface.

I cannot edit my original post so please consider this post an UPDATED LISTING.

Included parts:
VT-Pro card
Daughter Card
Printed Manual
Software CD's
Full Transfer of License.

Same asking price. $2400. but I will pay ground shipping.

02-27-2012, 01:31 PM
Sold to the lucky news station in KY. Thanks for playing!