View Full Version : 10.1 FiberFX Issue. . .

02-20-2012, 04:44 PM
Using FiberFX Generator in modeler with weight maps to create specific patches for underwater grasses. So, it generates a second layer in modeler, right? Save that out and load into layout. Apply FiberFX pixel filter to create very nice grass/reed like plants.

This technique was working fine but not anymore. Two day ago, scene file started crashing when it began to render pixel fibers. Tracked that down to second fiber geometry layer after lots of tests. Deleted that layer, made a new one, same technique. This got rid of the crashes, but the pixel fibers although visible in the display windows, will not render.

Cleared out plug-ins and reloaded them. Everything functions with the exception of no pixel fibers in the render. Perplexed like heck! Strange little locked icons under this suite of plug-ins in the plug-ins list. HELP!