View Full Version : SoftFX dynamics, iteration cap?

02-18-2012, 07:34 AM
edit: oops, I'm talking ClothFX here, not SoftFX.

Got this issue for a while.. which can be summarized as:

-Does LW have an iteration cap per frame for ClothFX calculations??

In my scene, all goes fine as long as not too much intense collissions happen between 80 (..yes..) ClothFX spheres in very tight packing. In addition to that, I inject spheres into other spheres after which I make them appear. In order to simulate Cell mitosis. This works great! I guess it is a massive hack which the LW ClothFX allows but is weird. (I can not think of any other way of introducing new objects while calculations are always on on all that need it at some point, happy that it works though)

Anyway, if I do this too often at the same time, LW can't cope and while all seperate work fine, when 2 or 3 happen at the same time the result kan start to explode or show vastly different results.

I lowered the poly amount to combat this, but still.. this leads to less defined collisions. Anyone have good experience with ClothFX like that? There doesn't seem to be any setting regarding iterations per frame etc...

Will try to make examples, can't post my current scene though.. hope this makes any sense... :/