View Full Version : Questions on T3 New Install

10-20-2003, 09:14 AM
Wow, was that easy. Loaded and patched my new T3. So far, no glitches. It will take me a while to learn to navigate all the new features but I have a couple of quick questions right off the bat.

Where is my Main Concept DV Codec?? I think I read somewhere that it was now listed as DV Type1. Is that correct? Also, when doing a capture from a DV deck thru Firewire do I use the MainConcept Codec or a direct download as a DV Type 2 File. I guess I am a little confused.

Where is the setting in prefs that keeps still pictures at their native resolution? I am a little confused on how to work with the size of still images which seems to be more complicated than it was in T2.

I, probably, will have more questions as time goes on but I am impressed with the upgrade and patch and my ease at installation.