View Full Version : Unaffected by Ik of Decendants and something else

03-02-2003, 02:53 PM
A small feature request. Awhile back it had been bought up that many of the parameters in LW should be animatable. I like to suggest that the "Unaffected by IK of Decendants" feature should be animatable from a value of 0 TO 1. Yes, I mean 0 TO 1, as oppose to ON and OFF.

Currently, in an IK chain, if you set the "Unaffected ..." feature on on any bone(s)/object(s) that are set to be driven by IK, it will in essence, give back the FK control to those bones/objects. So my idea, from a user stand point, is that if this feature has an animatable channel and support decimal value, then we could have a very fast and easy way to setup FK/IK blending.

While at it, apply the same idea to "Match goal orientation" and "keep goal with reach"