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02-11-2012, 01:29 AM
Lighting Challenge #29 (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=185&t=1031069): Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)

Here is the Lighting Challenge #29 scene file in LightWave format (https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzaZYXMI9lcCNmExY2E0OWItNDY4Mi00MmIzLWE1N jQtYWJjNTFkNTkzMDli). Sapna Mondol has graciously donated a tribute scene of Gusteau's Kitchen from Pixar's film, Ratatouille, and it is being used in this challenge.

The original post only provided Blender, OBJ, Maya, Max, and FBX formats. I used the FBX format to create this LightWave version which includes some cleaned up geometry, more reasonable layering than the default FBX import, subpatching (both subd and Catmull-Clark), and n-gon removal for subd. Only the default textures are provided. And of course no lights; that's left to you.

There are 3 different directories/versions in the zip file:

GusteausKitchen_Planar -- the original FBX import placed into LightWave layered format with no subpatching. I do not recommend using this one.

GusteausKitchen_Subd -- A subpatch version of the scene. Display subpatch level is set to 1 and render level is set to 3. I eliminated all n-gons before subpatching.

GusteausKitchen_CatmullClark -- a Catmull-Clark version of the scene. As this is a tribute to Pixar I necessarily needed to include a Catmull-Clark version of the scene. The display subpatch level is set to 0 and the render level is set to 2. Be warned, I mistakenly had the display subpatch level set to the default 3. After Layout ate up all 10GB of my main memory I finally killed the process when it had grown to 18GB (8GB of disk swap on top of consuming all 10GB of main memory).

Each directory contains a layered version of the scene and a flattened version of the scene (*_flatten.{lwo, lws}). The flattened version loads much faster than the layered versions but is inadequate if you want to animate the various objects or apply bullet physics to individual objects.

I hope someone will modify the scene to take advantage of LightWave 11 features such as instancing and dynamics. I know I will be experimenting. The bowl of grapes and stacks of plates are ripe for instancing. A rat running through the kitchen and knocking things over would be a great test of bullet dynamics.

I look forward to the LightWave community's contribution to this lighting challenge. I am sure LightWave 10's and 11's render engine, plus a talented texturing and lighting artist, will create some superb images.

I did search the forums to see if a LightWave port of this scene had been done. I apologize if I missed the obvious.

02-11-2012, 03:53 PM
Wow it's like 2000 objects in the scene.

Oh I see the flattened one has them shrunken down to one object, I missed that part.

02-11-2012, 04:30 PM
Very generous. Thank you for the opportunity to just look at the geometry.

I hope someone in the community does LW proud with their skills. ('Cause it probably won't be me.)

02-11-2012, 09:30 PM
I'd like to rename all of these surfaces, like all of the Brass_*** surfaces to just one Brass. The problem is there are hundreds of brass surfaces, any idea how to select them all? And that's only the Brass ones, there are also hundreds of surfaces called Chrome_***, Black_metal_***, etc. Theonly way I know to selectr polys based on surface name is through the Statistics panel, but it would take forever that way.

02-11-2012, 11:09 PM
I'd like to rename all of these surfaces, like all of the Brass_*** surfaces to just one Brass. The problem is there are hundreds of brass surfaces, any idea how to select them all?

Good question and I don't know the answer.

However, there is a quick way to set all the surfaces to the same value. From the Surface Editor select the first surface, for example Brass_255, then while holding down the Shift key select the last Brass_* surface. Right click and select Paste (assumes you have performed a Copy of a surface). It will paste the same surface attributes into all selected surfaces.

This doesn't answer your question on how to collapse all the Brass_*** surfaces to one name, Brass, but it does allow you to quickly set all the Brass_*** surfaces to the same value with a few clicks. See attached screenshot where several surfaces are selected and the pop-up menu is showing the Paste menu item.

I'm curious to figure out how to collapse all those surfaces down to a single name without manually selecting each one. One idea is to save the object in text form (e.g. FBX ascii) and edit the text file(?). There must be a better way.

02-11-2012, 11:17 PM
I'd like to rename all of these surfaces, like all of the Brass_*** surfaces to just one Brass.

Maybe this script (http://www.lwplugindb.com/Plugin.aspx?id=d48da7eb)? It directs you to the SelectSurfName script on this page (http://www.chrisepeterson.com/v2/lscripts).

02-12-2012, 02:34 AM
That works really well thanks. It's kinda slow, but at least it's automated.

02-12-2012, 03:44 PM
Here's the flattened Sub-D model with all of the surfaces combined properly. FYI There are a lot of sub-D polys so be careful about turning Layout's Display Subpatch Level too high. My Layout froze when I set it to 3.

02-12-2012, 03:46 PM
Here's the flattened model with all of the surfaces combined properly.

Thanks Philbert :thumbsup:
Is this the planar, subd or CC version?

02-12-2012, 04:05 PM
This is the sub-D version, I edited the post to reflect that.

Waves of light
02-12-2012, 04:09 PM
Thanks Phil. Gonna give this a go.

02-12-2012, 04:16 PM
Cool, thanks Phil.

02-12-2012, 07:20 PM
Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/IaVSCDIos6

02-12-2012, 09:52 PM
Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/IaVSCDIos6

Good work Phil.

One small warning: I modified some of the original textures to be double-sided (not all of them, but a small subset) because the original modeler used a single surface for polygons visible from both sides. Examples are some of the bowls and several of the shelves.

Attached is a snippet from your screenshot showing bowls that require double-sided surfacing.

As people move forward with texturing the scene they'll need to keep this in mind. When I have time I'll post a list of the surfaces that require double-sided-ness.

02-13-2012, 12:20 AM
I did notice the double sided thing and haven't been able to touch it yet. I didn't really do much with the scene, just put a small spherical light where each of the light objects is, then turned on radiosity.